Sweary acronyms… WTF??

So I’m just putting something out there with this post.

How ‘acceptable’ do you think it is to publish – be it an online publication or in a social media post – an acronym which uses swear words?

Let me give you an example:

Now let me be clear. There’s absolutely no disrespect to Sophy Ridge here, who I think is an excellent journalist.

I’m just thinking… she, or any other journalist, probably wouldn’t write the words “what the f**k” in print… but does it become ‘acceptable’ when it’s written as an acronym?

Same with FFS.  Is this just the world we live in now?

Here’s another example I spotted a few weeks ago:


Would be interested in your f**king thoughts 😉



Sweary acronyms… WTF??

3 thoughts on “Sweary acronyms… WTF??

  1. Roberta Ludlum says:

    Acronyms perform the same functions as hyphens and asterisks to cover the nakedness of the swearwords, so it should be OK to use them.


  2. Isaac E N Okero says:

    Interesting point you raise. We may well be on a slippery but very gently declining slope. SNAFU from the 1940s, still a vulgarity-concealing acronym, gave forth a pronounceable word. WTF, STFU, FFS et al won’t. Still I think it will be a while before we all write without restraint in the key of F major.


  3. Gary says:

    I personally think it’s trashy. Most people know what “WTF” means these days and to see its use by supposed professionals seems off and crude, essentially for the sake of sounding more “hip”. Sure, many of us swear (quite regularly too), but generally in public it is frowned upon. What next? The nightly news anchor blurting out, “Well that was one fuckin’ hot weekend, wasn’t it folks?” or the pilot who announces over the PA, “Buckle up, we’ve got some shitty weather ahead!”. Printing things such as “WTF” essentially normalizes such language in public. If that’s the way society wants to head, then fair enough. It just depends how much you want to normalise it.


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