Sweary acronyms… WTF??

So I’m just putting something out there with this post.

How ‘acceptable’ do you think it is to publish – be it an online publication or in a social media post – an acronym which uses swear words?

Let me give you an example:

Now let me be clear. There’s absolutely no disrespect to Sophy Ridge here, who I think is an excellent journalist.

I’m just thinking… she, or any other journalist, probably wouldn’t write the words “what the f**k” in print… but does it become ‘acceptable’ when it’s written as an acronym?

Same with FFS.  Is this just the world we live in now?

Here’s another example I spotted a few weeks ago:


Would be interested in your f**king thoughts 😉



Sweary acronyms… WTF??

2 thoughts on “Sweary acronyms… WTF??

  1. Roberta Ludlum says:

    Acronyms perform the same functions as hyphens and asterisks to cover the nakedness of the swearwords, so it should be OK to use them.


  2. Isaac E N Okero says:

    Interesting point you raise. We may well be on a slippery but very gently declining slope. SNAFU from the 1940s, still a vulgarity-concealing acronym, gave forth a pronounceable word. WTF, STFU, FFS et al won’t. Still I think it will be a while before we all write without restraint in the key of F major.


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